Our community work to share ideas, bring opportunities and enjoy coworking

We offer spaces with the needed equipment and services for you to develop your activities

Nowadays, most of the people seek the most practical and efficient way to develop their career. That is the place where the concept of LCI Coworking Space emerges, since we bring a place to entrepreneurs, professionals, students or people in need of the perfect spot to do business and, at the same time, to interact with other professionals without the obligation to have a contract to have an office. Our main goal is to cover any requirements of space, equipment and services for our coworkers.

Come and work with other creatives and technicians of related ideas under one roof. Our community works to share ideas, to bring each other opportunities and enjoy by working together.

Among the services, our coworkers will have limitless access to internet, as well as phonecalls. We also carry reazonable prices to make use of the printing equipment and of course; coffee, water and tea are on the house.

Individual spaces

Take a place in our desks, sofas, chairs, tables, benches, wherever you prefer!And work in the most comfortable place for you. Meet new people that can even complement you projects and make a strong networking to grow your business.


1 to 5 hours $10.00 USD
6 to 10 hours $15.00 USD
Weekly $52.00 USD
Two Weeks $90.00 USD
Monthly $120.00 USD

Private Office

Up to 4 people – Meetings, webinars, interviews, school projects? The best place is our private office. Noiseless, with high speed internet connection, air conditioner and a whiteboard might become the ideal spot you needed to develop your projects.


1 to 5 hours $20.00 USD
6 to 10 hours $25.00 USD
Weekly $108.00 USD
Biweekly $180.00 USD
Monthly $240.00 USD