About LCI

What does coworking stand for?

A space where we can be free and yet being productive

New practices of life, technology and mobility allow us to work from anywhere, but at the same time, it has taken us to the point of losing our connection with an adequate space for formulation, production and materialization of ideas.

Whether you are a startup, freelance, independent professional, remote based employee, a SME or simply are in need of a place that allow you to be productive while free, where you may break isolation and connect with other people such as yourself, LCI Coworking Space is for you!

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What is Coworking?

Coworking spacers are designed so independent professionals me to work, where the gestors of the spaces try to connect and create work and personal opportunities between and for their members. In most cases, it is about entrepreneurs that need only a laptop, a phone and a high speed internet connection to do their jobs.

Coworking is no different than working in a regular company, but instead of having workmates in different areas, the coworkers are surrounded by other professionals with different skills, interests and a different networking. These act as your workmate, only than being in a different department they work for other enterprise. Within a coworking space, nobody is obligated to share, everyone minds their own business but we are not alone. We share what we want and whom we want it to. Coworking is, essentially, the evolution of collaborative work.

About Us

As human beings, we are social entities; and our economy too, with more contacts and more interactions. Due to the evolution of internet, we are more productives than ever. A single person is able to do the work that a company used to do, however, we are faced to the lack of spaces that allow flexibility, a work environment and affordable prices.

Therefrom originates the idea of LCI Coworking Space, a place where startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs with less income may develop their professional activities, projects, meetings and forth. Besides the services of high speed Wifi, conference room, coffee and a compact dinning room, our spaces give coworkers the opportunity to know each other and to increase their networks.

It is not only a spot for you to work and have your laptop, a phone, internet and coffee, you can have that at home! Thus, LCI gives you the experience to work with other professionals and help each other to be more productive, more creative and show each other how to find different solutions from other perspectives.