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What does coworking stand for?

Freedom and productivity in one place

The rapid pace of life, technology and mobility shouldn’t be an impediment to the fulfillment of our work, on the contrary, they allow us to work from anywhere. However, the lack of adequate spaces can be an obstacle when formulating, producing and materializing ideas.

Whether you’re part of the freelancer community, small or start-ups, or just looking for a suitable place that allows you to be productive without leaving aside your freedom, and at the same time can break your isolation and interact with people like you, LCI Coworking Space is for you!

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What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are spaces where self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and teleworkers gather to work. These spaces seek to connect and create opportunities both professional and personal, among their members and for their members.

The benefits of working in a coworking space, is that it allows you to work as if you were doing it from a company, but the best part, is that you are surrounded by professionals from different areas with different capacities, interests and contact networks; which is even more beneficial than limiting yourself to the usual co-workers, because even if you feel similar, they belong to different companies, allowing you to expand your horizons. This is not to say that you are obliged to share with others, everyone focuses on their own work, but we are not alone. You have the freedom to share whatever you want, with whomever you prefer. Coworking is, in essence, the evolution of collaborative work.

About Us

The human being, by nature, is a social being; therefore, our economy too, it has more and more contacts and interactions. The evolution of the internet has allowed us to be more productive, allowing a single person to be able to carry out the work that years ago, was carried out by an entire company. However, there is always a negative side, in this case it is the lack of adequate spaces that provide flexibility, a professional atmosphere, and, above all, that are within reach of our pocket.

At LCI Coworking Space in search of compensating for the cons of this issue, we encouraged ourselves to create a place for the community of freelancers, small or start-ups, independent professionals, or simply people looking for an appropriate place that would allow them to be productive without leaving aside their freedom. We implement services such as high-speed WiFi, fax, conference rooms, coffee and light food consumption area, all equipment for the optimal execution of your activities, projects and meetings. In addition, we are a means for members to get to know each other better, generate the trusted atmosphere and collaborative dynamics that allow them to accelerate job opportunities and help.

It is not simply a room with a desk and a chair, that is something that we have at home, what makes this a great alternative, is that it allows our customers to interact with each other and enrich their knowledge and skills, allowing to create an environment of productivity and concentration. We take care of creating an atmosphere of exchange and collaboration in which we can easily find someone with whom to solve a doubt, launch a new project, invest in a business, and more.